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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tip: How to add 3G On/Off to your Comm Manager

I don't use 3G alot, heck I'm on a pay-as-you-go plan or pre-paid plan. It costs shit loads of money to use 3G or even GPRS so I don't really need it. I also don't need my Touch Pro to try & find a 3G signal if I'm not in a 3G cell, like where I am. Doing this eats some precious battery life. Some clever folks found a way to add an On/Off button for 3G in the Comm Manager:

1. Install Advanced Configuration tool. A GUI based configuration tool, which I think most of you know by now.

2. Once installed, go to the Phone settings and enable Show Band Page.

3. Then go to Menu (right soft key), Comm Manager and check the 3G box. You will need to disable another button since TF3D only has 6 buttons. Since I don't use Push Mail, I disabled it.

4. Go to OK > Done > Soft reset.

After it resets & your Touch Pro is on, go to Settings, Communications and you should see a 3G tab, disable it and your battery should last longer. Your Touch Pro will use GPRS since it is always available.

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