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Thursday, January 8, 2009

G-Alarm - very impressive alarm for windows mobile

Hi guys. Before this I was using pTravel alarm for my alarm needs because it was finger friendly. Now there is an alternative which is even better. Juse read this:

About G-Alarm

G-Alarm is a reliable and very powerful alarm clock with probably more features than any other alarm software. You can define unlimited alarms of different types, you can set your own music files to wake you up (mp3, wma, wav, ogg, mp4, aac), customize the look and optionally choose between two special wake-up mechanisms: If you want to, you can set G-Alarm to force you to guide a ball through mazes or solve a calculation task before you can snooze or stop the alarm.
Of course there are a lot more things you can adjust, so here is a more complete list of G-Alarm`s features:

  • Supported devices: all devices with Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 (with touchscreen only!)
  • Supported languages: gb de hr cz nl fr es it pl ru pt hu sa tr jp dk kr th fi id cn se sk no gr
  • Skinnable user interface (Lots of skins are available here)
  • Customizable today plugin which shows you all your alarms and lets you activate or deactivate them with one click
  • Define unlimited alarms with many options
  • Choose between different alarm types
    • Weekdays: select on which days of the week an alarm should go off
    • Singular alarm
    • Alarm patterns: you can define more customized alarms (e.g. play the alarm every 4th week on friday at 7:00 PM)
    • Quick alarms: Simply wake me up in x hours
  • Define playlists with unlimited mp3/wma/ogg/aac/m4a/wav files for each alarm
  • Schedule the start of executable files
  • Force a specific volume if the device is on vibration mode or muted
  • Repeat and playing options:
    • Play alarm for a specific time
    • Repeat an alarm for x times
    • Auto-snooze the alarm after a specifc time
  • Supports all resolutions (VGA, QVGA, WVGA, WQVGA, Square resolutions etc.)
  • Power saving methods:
    • You can set to turn off the display after a specific time so you can listen to your music while the device doesn't eat too much battery
    • The display is turned off if the alarm snoozes
  • Tilt sensor support (only on supported devices)
    • Guide the ball through the maze by tilting your device
    • Snooze the alarm by turning the phone upside down
  • Light sensor support (only on supported devices)
    • Snooze the alarm by turning the light on
  • You can decide wether you want to complete mazes or solve calculation tasks before you can snooze or stop the alarm or not.
  • See your next alarm in S2U2, TouchFlo3D, Manila2D and others
It's not your run of the mill alarm. If you like to snooze, there is a feature for you to do a tilt based maze before you snooze! The developer has also made some other WinMo apps. So head on to or the xda-devs forums

G-Alarm - very impressive alarm for windows mobile by ageye

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