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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HTC releases hotfix for GPS issues for Touch Pro

Hotfix for GPS issues for HTC Touch Pro

HTC has released this hotfix to fix the GPS issues with the Touch Pro. I've never had a big issue to get a fix on a cold start. I always use GPS Test first, then start Tomtom. This works best for me. I know reading through xda-developers that a lot of people have issues with GPS, I may have been one of the lucky ones or may not be too bothered about it.

Hotfix for resolving difficulties finding or locating a position when using GPS for HTC Touch Pro

Release Date: 2009-05-25 Category: Hotfix

If it is difficult to find or locate a position when using GPS, please download this hotfix to solve the problem.

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Wifi Monster - The best Wi-Fi discovery tool for PocketPC and Windows Mobile

We all know that we can use the Comm Manager to manage Wifi on our Windows Mobile devices. The built in Wifi manager of Windows Mobile is a bit crap in my opinion. That is where Wifi Monster comes in. Labelled as "The best WiFi discovery tool for PocketPC and Windows Mobile". It is finger friendly and customizable as well. Do give it a try to manage your WiFi.

WiFi Monster is a work in progress, it is still not finished. Now it has just basic features, however it works!

Current version:
Last updated: 22-05-2009 01:47

  • Connects open or private networks
  • It shows current WiFi status
  • It shows a list of nearby networks
  • It filters and sorts found networks
  • it allows you to connect selected network manually
  • It can turn WiFi on and off
  • It can turn WiFi off by inactivity timeout and by battery treshold
  • It is finger friendly
  • It supports VGA, wide screens, landscape mode, and it looks nice after all :)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

HTC Touch Pro battery revenge!

Very funny this. kidmet from ppcgeeks reports that his spare HTC Touch Pro OEM battery exploded and caused a small fire in his laundry basket. Maybe the temperature was high in the basket and because of his @ss sitting on the battery (it was in his back pocket) caused this fire. Luckily it was a small fire and his other clothes and his @ss are fine. So people who have this habit of storing spare batteries in their back pockets, I recommend not to do this anymore!

I walked into my house early this week to the smell of burning. I couldn't find where it was coming from. Last night as I was gathering my laundry I noticed a burn through the back of my jeans. A HUGE hole. I had a spare Touch Pro battery in my back pocket. It had expanded and obviously started a fire in my jeans. They were in a clothes pile and buried, so I assume that there wasn't enough oxygen to start a fire. I will post pictures later, but be very careful where you store extra batteries. I was very worried about my home.

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50% off Zagg Invisible Shield! Hurry ends 27 May 2009!

Another offer from Zagg for the Invisible Shield. This offer is in conjuction of Memorial Day. 50% off all their stock until 27th May 2009. This is another great chance to Invisible Shield for half price. Excellent offer if you ask me. All you have to do is enter code"memday09" to redeem your discount.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

HTC Prophet ROM: WM 6.5 build 21501 Titanium

Here is a WM6.5 ROM for our HTC Prophet. It is a newer build & not based on a Chinese WM6.5 ROM. wapvirus cooked this ROM and from the reviews in the thread, it seems reasonably quite fast on the device. I have not had the chance to try it out yet on my Prophet. Will give it a try over the weekend. This is considered a clean build. There seems to be a problem with wifi not switching off. Some other problems reported but fixed are the ringtones not available and sms not able to reply.

Sorry about the image being too squashed, i had to resize it.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Kurt Chrisler was able to pull together 6 of the top online marketers and got them to spill their guts on their best traffic generation strategies.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Magic 8 ball, will I be rich?

Magic 8 Ball by hermanm
Here is a Magic 8 ball app that was made by hermanm at xda-developers. If you don't know what a Magic 8 ball is, well, it's a ball and it has the answers to all your questions like the title of this post! Shake it and it will reveal the answer...

Only thing is that it only works with a pda phone that has an accelerometer like the Touch Pro, HD, Omnia etc.

Update Shake Logic (the answer will show after you stop shaking)
Answers have a glow around the text.
Keeps the orientation the same when auto rotate programs are running

Get it here

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally an official facebook app for windows mobile by Microsoft

I was browsing through xda-developers and saw a thread about a facebook app for windows mobile. Initially thought it was another beta or new software being made. I know the leaked 6.5 roms had a facebook app, but reading that thread it seems that that app was buggy as hell. Maybe you say, facebook, who needs it? Well tell that to the users of facebook including me!

To my suprise, Microsoft did own up and made a facebook app which is actually running. It was posted on the windows mobile site.

It comes as a cab file. Once installed, you need to click OK so that it can restart your device. I've downloaded it and it works with the short time I had it running. Make sure if you want to use wifi, have that on first then open the app, or else it will use 3G/GPRS which you might not want.

I've even managed to update my status on it as well!

So far so good. Thought winmo was really lagging in the facebook apps since the iphone and blackberry had this for a while back. Microsoft, you guys need to keep up to date on these things.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

HTC Touch HD/Blackstone Service Manual

HTC Touch HD/Blackstone service manual

HTC Touch HD/Blackstone service manual is up for download. As usual, it contains all the step by step instructions on how to disassemble the Touch HD/Blackstone and other stuff to tinker the insides with. Word of caution, make sure to be really careful when opening/disassembling and always try to remember where the parts go! I will not be liable for any damage... hehehe

Please do leave a comment if you find my blog helpful.

Download HTC Touch HD/Blackstone service manual here

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

HTC Kaiser/Tytn II Service Manual

HTC Kaiser/Tytn II Service Manual

Continuing on the service manual theme, here is the Kaiser or Tytn II. Have fun with it!

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