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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ThrottleLauncher - A really great today plugin & app launcher

ThrottleLauncher is a very nice & free today plugin & app launcher. So if you guys are not happy with TF3D & would like a change to another today plugin, this would be the 1. There is also HomeScreen ++ (HS++ for short) which is another excellent app, but would require a knowledge of some XML to make or edit a theme which might be hard for the majority of us, myself included. v0.9.6 of ThrottleLaunch was just launched on 12/1/09 and is a vast improvement according to APBilbo. There is also an iphone theme which you can use if you want that iphone look. Try this out! It will work in QVGA or VGA. I'm gonna test on my Prophet & see how it goes. Have used a previous version a while back & thought it was great!


- Phone enabled device (Themes for non phone enabled devices can be built though)

- CPU: 200 Mhz

- Storage Memory: ~3,5 MB (depends on the themes installed)

- Main memory: ~ 6 MB

- NET.CF 2.0 installed. Though 3.5 is strongly recomended.

- Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 or 6.1.

- To use flash you need flashplayer 7 installed.

ThrottleLauncher - A really great today plugin & app launcher for windows mobile

Get it here or see the xda forums

APBilbo is also the author of ThrottleLock, a customisable pattern based screen lock app. Check it out on the main site above.

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