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Monday, January 19, 2009

AlenSW QuickMenu v2.8 - Windows style menu for Windows Mobile

Here is a program I used a lot on my Prophet. It's called QuickMenu. A new version just came out - v.28. It acts as a start menu replacement & makes the start menu like Windows PC's. Look at the screen shot & you will see it. It also has toggle menu for Wifi/BT etc. so you don't have to go through the Comm Manager. This version also has big menu option, you can play around with the menu height to get the height. Some users at xda-developers have noticed that the translation from Chinese to English was not that good or complete & they get the "squares" in place of a Chinese character. There are some versions apparently with better translation. I guess you just have to use it & find out. I recommend installing to internal memory & running it from there & ticking the option to replace start menu. After that arrange your programs link folder into folders e.g. office, entertainment, games etc, so that it looks better & saves a bit of time finding them.

AlenSW QuickMenu v2.8 - Windows style menu for Windows Mobile

Change Log:
2.8 version of the major improvements :2009-1-14
1. Increased support for WiFi (again thanks to yonsm find a good way)
2. Icon electricity use green, yellow and red color-filled
3. For non-English language environment, customizable "Settings" menu item name
4. As the "background lights" set up relatively large differences between models have been removed
5. Menu items can be set intervals to adjust the size of menu items

See here, here, here (German/English translation) & AlenSW site (in Chinese)

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