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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bodyguardz - Scratch-proof transparent film for electronic devices part 2

Bodyguardz- Scratch-proof transparent film for electronic devices

I've just installed my Bodyguardz just now. Not too hard, just need patience & perseverence. As I've told in Part 1, my application fluid leaked on arrival. I sent Bodyguardz an email & got a reply within a day. The lady that replied apologised & said the solution is merely water + baby shampoo (1 gallon water & 1 drop baby shampoo). Whatever is left in the bottle, I should just add water & should be ok. That's what I did. I'll tell you guys later about this...

Back view

I first installed the back panel - really hard/annoying, since it is not even... nice to look at, but hard to apply the skin. I think it's not gonna as good as I imagined it, but we'll have to wait & see. Then I installed the bottom bit, where the usb is, the middle part of this piece is quite small, making this piece more moveable, but eventually got it ok. Then the 2 side panels just below the back cover sides.

Bottom of my Touch Pro

As I said, my application bottle leaked on arrival. I added regular tap water to the bottle. An annoying thing is that since the label on the bottle was soaked from the leakage, the print was peeling, so I had to wrap the bottle in a cloth to prevent the print from getting on my fingers. Some parts did get these pieces of print on/behind them, like the hard keys.

Small strip underneath the hard keys, notice the corners at the bottom? It's the print from the bottle

There was 1 piece underneath the hard keys which is 1 long & thing piece to cover it. Nice of BG to make this. Don't know how long it will stay though...

I made a mistake on the front side being that since it was another long & thin strip, I didn't have any guidance to where to put it. So there was a bit of overlap between this piece and the top piece.

the overlap I was talking about

I did not use the screen protector since I'm using the stock 1 that came in the box.

The pictures above makes out that it looks quite bad, but looking at it in front of me it doesn't.

All in all, not too difficult, just needs patience & perseverence...

Will post some pictures on the final product hopefully tomorrow night. Ideally should leave the device untouched for 24 hours. Going to use my trusty Prophet/818pro in the meantime.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was saying; there isn't much value for money being offered when you look at what the package contains from bodyguardz and compare it with the one I mentioned in my earlier comment from gadgetshieldz. Bodyguardz sends you a package that includes a solution you already have, a baby shampoo and water solution does not convince me that I need to pay $16 extra to get bodyguardz instead of gadgetshieldz. There is clear daylight between $8 and $ 24. The only downside for gadgetshieldz is that they haven't got most of the devices covered as yet. I guess with it being so old, my Imate JAMin won't be getting a shield anyhow and I'm not sure I would do well with their do it yourself kit.

wanwarlock said...

I wanted to get gadgetshield (cheaper) as well initially but they did not have a touch pro skin, only a fuze skin with no front camera hole. I did ask but got no reply.

I chose Bodyguardz then because they were offering a deal (I think it was 50% off). If you include postage to NZ (where I'm from) it would cost a lot more and you get 2 skins than 1. You have to consider postage costs as well when you live outside of the US ;)

I didn't go for invisible shield since it was expensive than the others.

Anonymous said...

I guess they've got it now because my cousin did get his Touch Pro covered with a gadgetshieldz skin. He ordered his a week or so ago so I don't know if its a new addition or anything.

PS: its so cool, I learnt to put links in my comments! heh...

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