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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new ROM for the HTC Touch Pro soon?

What is this I stumbled upon on xda-developers? Looks like a new ROM would be available to our Touch Pro's/FUZE etc soon!

HTC Touch Pro leaked WWE ROM

Windows Mobile: 6.1 Pro (5.2.20764.1.4.3)

ROM Version : (5.05.405.1 WWE)
ROM Date : 01/22/09
Radio Version:
Protocol Version:

This new ROM was leaked by a guy funnily using the name __htc__. Seems like there are some improvements made, like new radio ROM & faster, more responsive pda-phone. There are still reports that this ROM still contains the dreaded GPS lag - which I have not had to be honest. Forumer are saying that there is no keyboard lag after sliding, TF3D is faster & apparently better 3G signal. Also mentioned is that the camera is a bit laggy as well. Seems to have better battery life according to reports.

At the moment it's WWE (worldwide english) and FRE (French) only according to __htc__. Once it's official, there will be others available.

Australian users have an update already! You need to put your S/N to get this update. Have not tried with mine, since I'm waiting for the UK version since I bought it from

I have not flashed this ROM yet, still waiting for the official WWE - if there are updates to be made for this version ROM. Also I use my Touch Pro a lot obviously, don't have much time to fiddle with a new ROM now. Of note I have done HardSPL by Olinex - which you will need to have to use custom ROMS, but not official ROMS from HTC.

Here's the link to the new Radio ROM:
Here's the link to the NEW ROM:

Original xda-developers thread

Disclaimer: I would suggest to wait for a proper release from HTC, but if you want, you can try this ROM out. Report any bugs in the xda-developers thread above. HardSPL is recommended.

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