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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally an official facebook app for windows mobile by Microsoft

I was browsing through xda-developers and saw a thread about a facebook app for windows mobile. Initially thought it was another beta or new software being made. I know the leaked 6.5 roms had a facebook app, but reading that thread it seems that that app was buggy as hell. Maybe you say, facebook, who needs it? Well tell that to the users of facebook including me!

To my suprise, Microsoft did own up and made a facebook app which is actually running. It was posted on the windows mobile site.

It comes as a cab file. Once installed, you need to click OK so that it can restart your device. I've downloaded it and it works with the short time I had it running. Make sure if you want to use wifi, have that on first then open the app, or else it will use 3G/GPRS which you might not want.

I've even managed to update my status on it as well!

So far so good. Thought winmo was really lagging in the facebook apps since the iphone and blackberry had this for a while back. Microsoft, you guys need to keep up to date on these things.

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