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Saturday, May 23, 2009

HTC Touch Pro battery revenge!

Very funny this. kidmet from ppcgeeks reports that his spare HTC Touch Pro OEM battery exploded and caused a small fire in his laundry basket. Maybe the temperature was high in the basket and because of his @ss sitting on the battery (it was in his back pocket) caused this fire. Luckily it was a small fire and his other clothes and his @ss are fine. So people who have this habit of storing spare batteries in their back pockets, I recommend not to do this anymore!

I walked into my house early this week to the smell of burning. I couldn't find where it was coming from. Last night as I was gathering my laundry I noticed a burn through the back of my jeans. A HUGE hole. I had a spare Touch Pro battery in my back pocket. It had expanded and obviously started a fire in my jeans. They were in a clothes pile and buried, so I assume that there wasn't enough oxygen to start a fire. I will post pictures later, but be very careful where you store extra batteries. I was very worried about my home.

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