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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Microsoft Windows Mobile website

Windows Mobile

I was having a look at the Microsoft Windows Mobile site. It is even better now. You can get updates for Active Sync, Windows Mobile Device Center and Office Mobile. There are previews of pda's running WM and also what WM has to offer - familiar software like IE (even though I use firefox on my laptop & Opera on my Touch Pro), Office and Outlook. Information on how to get started with WM pda's are also included.

I'm still wondering why Microsoft still hasn't perfected WM for the masses. Palm used to be THE system, then after the T5 which I have and models after it, it seemed sooo outdated. It was a bit ok when Palm released the Treo for WM. Now Palm is coming back with the Pre using it's own OS. When the Iphone was released, everyone thought it was the best thing since sliced bread with it's ease of use & fluid GI. Enough about that. Back to the WM site

Register your email and you can get updates & tips on WM straight to your email monthly. Under the Free Extras section, you can get ringtones and free software but apparently limited to US customers only. I managed to download Guitar Hero 3 though a few months back and a few other games, I can't remember if I put down US as my country, but I don't think so. Try your luck if you're not from US and see if you manage to download the games. If you are a developer, there is a section dedicated to you. I would love to make my own apps but just don't have the time to learn. There is a link to the Windows Mobile Catalog which takes you to an 'App Store', but it's basically a front for Handango, Pocketland & Mobiland. When will the "Real App Store" come live as rumoured here?

Anyway, have a look here:

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