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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Windows Mobile App store opens to Developers

Windows Mobile App Store
Looks like the Windows Mobile app store is open for Developers on monday, but as usual with new sites there's bound to be glitches as reported in The Inquirer. First there was a bug in the credit card process and hidden fees! Microsoft wants $99 per app from Developers to release an app in the store. WTF???

"Microsoft, in its all-powerful wisdom, has decided to levy an extraordinary $99 fee for each and every application, regardless of whether the code passes the company's 'rigorous' testing and selection process or not."

Obviously with charges like these, there will be no free apps in this store. Why can't MS learn from the successful Apple App Store? It is a very good model - free apps & paid apps. MS are late in starting an app store & now are charging for developers to upload their apps.

I don't know about you guys but I'll be holding my breath to see if the WM app store really will become a success. If not, I know where I can get some of the best freeware for my WM - xda-developers or warez sites hehehe

from The Mobile Spoon via The Inquirer

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