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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TrineFix 2.0.3 - Utility for PIM data

Here is another app similar to Outlook Cleaner and called TrineFix, made by xda-developers member RonnyGydar. It can do a lot of things as seen below. In case you are wondering why the name, it's the name of Ronny's GF - Trine, who had problems when syching her pda to various computers with duplicate PIM info... nice.

Some of the features in this version (2.0)

  • Duplicates (app, con)
You decide what fields should be compared (for example you might want to see all contacts that has similar names only)
Auto-remove exact duplicates, and get a preview of "near matches", and decide which instance to keep for these near matches
  • FileAs (con)
In Outlook you can set FileAs (ie. "Firstname Lastname", "Lastname, Firstname"...) differently per contact. I prefer to have them all the same, and TrineFix can set it as you wish for all your contacts in one go.
  • Country codes (con)
Change the formatting of countrycode on all your phonenumbers ("+1", "001", "(+1)", "(001)"...).
Add a default country code (your home country normally) to all phonenumbers that have no country code defined
  • Bulk deletes (app, con, tsk)
Get a list of all appointments, contacts or tasks that has a specific keyword/characters in them, and quickly uncheck/check all or some of these and delete. Might sound complex, but it sure ain't when you do it in TrineFix! :-)
  • Built-in version check and download feature
TrineFix now has same built in version check as all TrineSeries applications, so you get a hint when there is a newer version, with info about whats changed/improved since the version you have, and let's you download and install cab directly from the application
  • Truly finger friendly (no small buttons or menus)
  • Keyboard friendly (we do not leave poor Smartphone owners behind:-), do everything with the keyboard if you want to

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