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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tough times ahead for Windows Mobile?

I saw this article today. It's with regard to Windows Mobile and how it is or will be doing against the 'new boys' of the Mobile OS.

I do believe Microsoft is lagging behind compared to... dare I say it, the iphone and even now with webOs for the Palm.

One of the main reasons for this according to that article is that Microsoft has not developed its own hardware to go with its software. Palm previously had a relationship with its Treo range but now has gone back to developing it's own os - WebOs. Motorola as well has backed away from Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile 5 was released 4 years ago. With WM6 & 6.1, it was all the same with just a few updates. WM6.5 is not officially released but thanks to the good chefs at xda-developers, we have been able to test drive it. Even then, it's not as finger friendly or efficient as Mac OSX for the iphone.

Hopefully with the release of WM 7, things would change and put Windows Mobile back at the forefront of things, but I won't hold my breath.

Windows mobile to me is far superior to Mac OSX and WebOS in my opinion. It's been around the block a while and highly customizable. Lot's of apps are made for it especially for my medical field. Mac OSX to me is more eye candy than anything. I really do hate the fact that Windows Mobile is in fact buggy - programs don't work and the occasional soft or hard reset, just like your Windows PC I assume.

One new OS that is making waves is Google's Android and companies are taking notice - HTC for one.

Microsoft really needs to make a big leap forward to make Windows Mobile back in the limelight, but I sometimes feel they have missed the boat.

Whatever the future holds, I will stick to Windows Mobile, since I owned my first Windows Mobile device - the Dopod 818pro or the HTC Prophet. But then again, if something new is being offered and maybe better than Windows Mobile, I might go for it then.

What do you guys feel?

News via via Total Telecom

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