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Thursday, March 12, 2009

News: Microsoft to unveil Windows Mobile app store plan

I just read about this on the New Zealand Herald site today. Seems that Microsoft does have plans to create an App Store or Application Store like Apple did. I think this should've been done back a few years ago before the release of the Apple Iphone & App Store.

Developers have been making their own apps and most of them are free, such as the apps that are on xda-developers while some are shareware or commercial. The best free apps that I've used are A_C's S2 series, PHM Regedit, Total Commander, G-Alarm etc etc. These developers are making these apps in their own spare time & hoping for donations from people that use their software, which usually is a paltry sum & not that much. Free apps & forums like xda-developers are integral for the developers to release their apps. The forums provide a more personal mode of customer service as it were, where the users can directly communicate with the developer.

With the setting up of this Windows Mobile App Store, I hope that these developers can make some money on their hard worked apps, but I fear that forums like PPCGeeks/xda-developers might lose the 'testing ground' for developers and the quality of apps released on this App Store would be crap. On the other hand, it would spurn other developers to make new apps.

We'll just have to see if this Microsoft App Store really does happen & see what the future holds...

From New Zealand Herald via AP:

"Microsoft vows to play nice with mobile app store

SEATTLE - Microsoft plans a central market to sell programs for cell phones running the Windows Mobile system. It hews closely to the setup of Apple's App Store for iPhones, with one notable exception - Microsoft promises to communicate more openly with outside software developers."


Microsoft fleshes out Windows Mobile app plans

Microsoft is providing further insight into how the company will be operating its Windows Marketplace for Mobile software service.

The company first revealed the service last month at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference in Barcelona. Microsoft is hoping that the Marketplace will help the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 release remain competitive with the iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms, each of which maintain their own online stores for third-party software.

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