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Friday, June 26, 2009

Phone Creeper v0.3 - Espionage Suite

chetstriker over at xda-developers has developed what he calls an Espionage Suite to spy on anybody you want... if you can install the program on their windows mobile phone that is. The commands you can text from any mobile.

Some people on the thread are saying that it's a really nice app but some are totally creeped out about the whole idea of spying & invading some one's privacy plus the fact that you can inject malware into the code etc. I'd say first off, you need to install it on the person's phone.

Because of all the people who are against this app, the developer will release an anti-creeper app and also release his source code.

No screenies on this since it doesn't have one.

*** WHAT IT DOES ***

This is a phone espionage suite.
Currently it has the following features:
* secretly and remotely read incoming / outgoing sms
* secretly and remotely delete incoming / outgoing sms
* secretly and remotely view call history
* bounce sms messages off remote phone to someone else.
* create a pop-up message on phone
* send a secret fart sound
* secretly and remotely listen to person. (Initiates silent call back of person to your phone with thier speaker phone enabled)
* also send listening in call to somebody else's phone

all results will be sent via SMS back without leaving any trace on the phone being controlled.
Any cell phone can be used to initiate the commands and all commands will respond with a success message for acknowledgement.

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