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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A_C's S2U2 v2.01

After a long hiatus (about a month?) A_C returns with an update to his very successful S2U2 application! This time it's even more impressive! One thing that was changed to v2.01 was the chance to use mp3 for the lock/unlock sound has been removed. The addition of the sleep timer to S2P (which hasn't been updated in a long while A_C!) is brilliant. I wonder whether demonizator's TPro skin will work on this new version?

Changes of v2.01
- fixed when CallerID was off, system might hang after receiving an incoming call.
- fixed the S2U2 Settings could not browse pics/files.
- reverted the sound codes (lock/unlock sound) for faster performance, but also removed the support to MP3.
- non-exist wallpaper file setting will show a black background.

Changes of v2.00
- new S2U2 Settings:
new user interface; subgrouping levels;
change/browse the wallpaper or wallpaper folder; on-screen zooming/cropping;
change/browse the lock/unlock sound (MP3 is supported for WM6 or later devices);
added sleep timer for S2P;
added save/load theme.
- more comprehensive "slide to view":
show the latest 5 missed call details (press & hold the missed call icon);
show the latest 5 active task details (press & hold the active task icon);
directly go to that unread email/SMS (shown on a pop-up) when unlock;
to dismiss a pop-up, either tap the pop-up or the corresponding notification icon.
- added emergency call function when password is enabled.
- added options to show text shadow effect.
- added option to tune the opacity of the curtains.
- added a third CallerID option - Framed.
- added option to "Always Hide the system incoming pop-up".
In the old version, the system incoming pop-up (SIP) will be disabled permanently once S2U2's CallerID is activated;
if you want to use the SIP again, the device must be soft-reset after turned off the CallerID.
With this new option set to off & soft-reset, the SIP will not be affected by S2U2's CallerID;
but a side effect - even CallerID is turned on, the SIP will be shown shortly at the beginning of an incoming call.
- localizable call waiting incoming screen.
- added InCall Volume Control.
- added option to delay the startup of S2U2 when the device is booting up.
- added support to WM6.5
only tested on the WM6.5 emulator;
when the system lock is activated, S2U2's CallerID will be temporarily disabled.
- removed PhoneNoFormat, added option "Canonical number format".
- added back the "Lock when Screen is Blank" option.
- removed option to delay the email preview, it's now done automatically.
- faster screen redraw, even on Landscape or on WVGA devices.
- increased the exception EXE list to 20 entries & moved to \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2U2\Exceptions
- some graphics changed.
- some minor bugs fixed.

Get it here at

Discuss it at xda-developers

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