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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Battery tip

Here some tip for battery issue on touch pro.Might be help you all .Thank you.
It has been brought to my attention that there is a glitch in Windows Mobile phones that has been there since WM5… Apparently when a phone is first used the firmware looks at the charge on the battery as a reference point as to how long to charge it for until it is completely charged. So for example, if you have a WM phone that has a half charge on the battery when you first plug it in the device will only ever charge up 50% of the battery. You need to basically set the phone to put that marker in place when the phone is completely dead to gain the most battery performance you can.

Here is the best practice for doing this:
1. Let the phone completely die on battery power.
2. Plug the phone in and charge for only about 5 minutes (just long enough it can boot up completely)
3. Perform a hard reset of the device, this is done differently depending on the phone model.
4. Then place the phone on charge for at least 8hrs.

This should reset that marker that the operating system places on the battery charge cycle and will allow the phone to completely charge the battery rather than only a % of a full charge.

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